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Please check the below video to fix #VALUE! error in excel workbook.

Download the example file here

How to fix #VALUE! error in excel workbook

By: Unknown on: August 09, 2018
If you ever faced Ctrl + Scroll not working to zoom in your excel file or Auto zooming while scrolling your mouse check the below steps to fix it.

  1. Click File > Options
  2. Go to Advanced > find Zoom on roll with InteliMouse.
  3. Uncheck the Tick and click on OK.
Now it should work fine as per your request.

Enable Ctrl + Scroll to Zoom option in excel
Enable Ctrl + Scroll to Zoom option in excel 

Enable / How to Fix - (Ctrl + Scroll) to Zoom option in excel not working

By: Unknown on: July 18, 2018


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